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These Thoughts & Feelings are Real

There are lots of signs that reveal your not living your best life

Just like I did. Do you feel tired? Do you feel exhausted? Do you feel bored? If you answered yes to any of these, is it because of the repetitive, routine or non-challenging job you find yourself in? Do you feel motivated and inspired to wake up for work anymore? Do you ever feel as if time is fleeting?

Like you have no time for yourself, your family, your aspirations, or your goals? Are you constantly comparing yourself to other people, whether it’s in regards to their relationships, their travelling adventures or the car they are driving?

If you answered yes to any of the above, is there a feeling of shame, guilt, jealousy, envy, judgement brewing inside of you?

Like it did for me, these things, showing up for you daily, weekly or even on occasion. Yet for some odd reason, deep down you have this inclination, this knowing, this sense of hope, this little voice softly shouting. “There is more to my life than I am currently living, WAKE UP!”

It doesn't have to be this way

To change anything. The first step, is to acknowledge its existence. What does that look like? For me it went like this. "I do have these thoughts and they do affect the way I feel". "These thoughts, these feelings are coming up for a reason". "No matter what those around me say, my thoughts, my feelings are valid and real, they mean something"

The second step was specific, direct, introspection of each and every single one of these thoughts and feelings. I asked myself, "What do these thoughts mean?". "Why do I think they mean that?". "Where did they come from?". "When did it start? When does it occur?". "How has it played a part in my life today?"

This process provided me the clarity and understanding needed to ask myself further questions. "Is this specific thought & feeling serving me?". "Are these thoughts and feelings helping me or blocking me from achieving what I envision for myself?". "Am I the only person experiencing this? Is there anyone else? If there is, how did they handle this?"

Coaches have the experience and trained skills to guide you through this process. They help you get to or keep you on the path you desire. I went through all of this through self discovery and self learning. It took me several years. When I first got a Coach, I found myself unearthing, untangling, understanding these problems & solutions within quick succession. I have since had several Coaches. I thought to myself WOW! If I only knew about the Power of Coaching earlier.

This conversation that I started having with myself. This relationship I built with myself, was necessary. My life has completely changed. It did not happen overnight, however deep down I knew one thing. I have to live with myself for the rest of my life. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure I make that experience as joyous & Meaningful as possible. Yes it takes work. But I simply truly believe today, that I am worthy.

The Journey Towards the Other Side

Less Stress, – Less Anxiety, – Less Worry, – Less Tired, – Less Lies, – Less Pleasure Seeking, – Less Distraction Seeking, – Less Comparing, – Less Jealousy, – Less Envy, – Less Anger, – Less Frustration, – Less Rumination. You will start to view your life Less & Less through the half empty part of the glass. Your Clarity, Understanding & Self Awareness will start to grow.

This will turn into…

– More Joy, – More Happiness, – More Love, – More Truth, – More Honesty, – More Kindness, – More Compassion, – More Gratitude, – More Optimism, – More Energy, – More Inspiration, – More Sense of Self, – More Conscious Decision Making, – More Curiosity, – More Control, – More Calm, – More Giving, – More Sharing, – More Resilience – More Laughter, – More Opportunity. You will view your life More & More through the glass half full part. The new path to living life through the best version of yourself becomes more evident & within your reach. You will find passion, purpose, fulfilment & meaning here.

Take Back Control

You Decide, Respond or React to what life throws your way

Cultivate your Authentic Self

Imagine feeling confident enough to finally be who you truly are inside

Live in Abundance

Live Fully & Joyously with Meaning. Get out of your own way!

You Deserve this

At this point you can follow one of two paths.

Path one is "Repeat". Repeat what you have always been doing. Make no change to the Input of your life. With this path you should have a clear idea of where you will be, how you will feel & what you will be doing, a year from now.

The Second path you can choose is "Evolve". You can choose to Grow, to Cultivate the confidence needed to be your True Self. You can choose to step out of the passenger seat and back into the drivers seat. You can have control back of your own life! You can decide that you are worthy enough to invest in.

Investing in yourself, in what’s inside of you, is like watering the roots of a tree, every area of the tree benefits.

If you’re ready to unlock your Potential, I invite you to choose the second path, click the button below, and take the first step toward a Bigger, Brighter & Bolder future.

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