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How Cultivating Empowerment Changed My Life

What does it mean? To Cultivate Empowerment? Lets break it down.
Cultivate means to Grow, Raise, Tend, Produce, Nurture, Develop, Improve, Foster & Manifest.
Empowerment means to give Power to, Make Able, it is the Process of becoming Stronger, more Confident & the ability to live Authentically.

Realising that what is inside, my emotions, my feelings, my awareness could be cultivated, lead me to giving those areas of my life the attention that it deserved for the first time in my life.

It was not one thing, one book, one course, one podcast, one healthy meal, one meditation, one good night sleep, one journal entry, one moment of clarity, one moment of understanding, one realisation or one specific day that changed my life. It was simply an accumulation of these activities and moments, that made the change real. It took priority in my life to focus on these things, the things within my control that made the change a reality.

For me to write about how I can fix your life, fix anyone’s life, simply does not feel True and Authentic coming out of me. So I am not here to tell you that. I am here to tell you that you don’t have to do this alone & you don’t have to do the amount of work that I did, to achieve what you desire. It’s why Coaches are relevant today. To guide you, to ask you the right questions at the right time, to aid your discovery of within, to aid your forward momentum, to help you find that best version of yourself and help you live through it more often.

I was so unhappy, I was so lost, I was so heartbroken, constantly dreading the next day, constantly ruminating, constantly worried about my future, I felt undervalued, I felt unworthy, I was constantly pleasure seeking, I blamed everyone around me for the way I felt, I was the victim of my life…I was alive, but it sure as hell didn’t feel like it. I questioned my being here on this planet. After thousands of hours of learning via books, videos, podcasts & reflection over the span of several years. I built up the courage and bravery within, to truthfully take full responsibility and accountability for the outcomes and results in my life. This is where the trajectory of my life changed.

I don’t know everything, I won’t pretend to. I do know about the process of transformation, from my own experience, from my Mentors teachings & from the formal Education I put myself through and am currently putting myself through. Evolve or Repeat. I’ll take the first one thanks. I am confident I can help others achieve this for themselves. I know you would like some guarantee’s from my end however the truth is, only you have the Power to change your own life, I can certainly most definitely aid your Growth in several ways. Together, collaborating, we can learn about where you are, where you want to be, what’s on the way & how we are going to get you there.

Plugging in the same inputs to your life and expecting the output to change, is simply not real. To invest in yourself, to invest in what is within, will change everything around you. We don’t want to hear this, but our lives are limited and once each day is lived, its not coming around again. Whether I hear from you or not, always remember, YOU have and always will, have a choice in how your one and only life plays out.

If you’re ready, book your Free Discovery Call with me, we have work to do, lets get to it.

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